Morse Code Software

Update:- Finally a program is available Here

Was chatting in the Mobitopia chat room earlier today and I mentioned the fact I am aiming to do and get an Amateur Radio license.

For part of the Amateur License there is a Morse Code part. What I want is a program for my phone so I can practise Morse Code.

  • Some of the features could include:-
    • Left/Right soft keys for Dots and Dashes (Dits and Dahs)
    • Alternative text input (i.e. for Txt Msgs)
    • Game mode to practice letters with increasing difficulty
    • Variable speed (XX WPM (words per minute))
    • Variable letter length (0-30secs to practise for ShortWave)
    • When in background plays pressed letters as Morse

It possible this will never get made, but I have to at least put the idea out so if anybody does see potential in this, it may get created.

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3 Responses to Morse Code Software

  1. Might also be interesting to use Morse to send SMS messages — on my Nokia 3650, I hate the keypad, it would be much nicer to use one or two of the buttons for tapping-out morse.

  2. Hugo says:

    I’ve just knocked up a very simple for Series 60 prototype for tapping in some Morse and then sending it via SMS. Get it here 🙂

  3. The easy way to learn Morse code is right there…

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