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Pet Hates

From room “1—RSM” on eQSO some of the Pet Hates we discussed tonight! Can you guess what some of our Pet Hate are?

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BlueTooth for Radios?

Was thinking a couple of days ago, (but forgot about until now) that what would be great for Amateur (or even CB, PMR, etc) Radio is a BlueTooth headset. It would have to consist of 2 parts one to fit … Continue reading

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Busy Weekend for Me

What a weekend I have just had, and feel I need to go to work to relax from it. Spent most of Saturday mowing the Front & Back lawns. It took quite a while as was more like a Jungle … Continue reading

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What's your favourite sweets?

Was looking at the LBC sister web site “Eric talks technology on LBC” and came across a site I may well be using soon. A Quarter Of is an online sweetshop. (I wonder if they send you the penny sweets … Continue reading

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