Busy Weekend

So have now finished my busy weekend. Friday was Birthday. Had family night in and quite a bit to drink, but not too much as had to get up for 8am on Saturday.

Saturday was spent at the Scout Hall with other local Amateurs having what we have now termed our “Radio Play Days”.

We had 2m and HF stations on the air for us and the scouts/cubs to use. Also a Half-Size G5RV was installed at the hall.

Also I built my SandPiper 10-40 & 80m HF portable antenna based on a 9m fibre-glass pole. Was tested on an analyser and seems closely resonant to said frequencies.

Before I left on saturday, I was given the post as I left by the postman. One was from Radio Licence Centre. I thought might be my new Licence, but was them returning my pass paper. So at least I know my forms are being dealt with. Hopefully not too long until new call.

Birthday Present 3

The third present I received on my birthday was the 1st (of 2) I purchased with a Gift Voucher.

Like some tracks from the Film so decided on Trainspotting soundtrack.

Have already uploaded to my MP3 player along with other the other CD presents I will feature in next few days.

Birthday Presents

Ok, so my birthday has passed but one present was some credit towards my hosting. So part of agreement is I will post something regular.

So I thought each day would post about one of my presents. Well should take a day or too.

Todays is the DreamHost credit. Approx $18.37 (£9.73) has been paid into my DreamHost account. This kind of means I will get free months (well almost 2) as works out at $9.95 (£5.26) per month.

So as a Thank you to JW, will mention the best site for Mobile Themes which is MobileThemes.com.

Anyone can add credit to my Hosting Bill (so can’t spend on other stuff) by Clicking following link. Donate to my DreamHost Hosting Bill.

Who knows what the next feature present is???