My view on Amateur Radio

I’ve been in hobby long enough to have seen many sides of it, and a few things I’ve recently seen on Twitter and Facebook have prompted this post.

There seems to be an ongoing backlash at new people in the hobby, new modes, and today the RSGB magazine.

My view is Amatuer Radio is it’s a hobby, and different people will do things differently.

If you don’t like new modes carry on with CW or SSB (which was hated too when it came out).

If don’t like the society magazine don’t read it, or maybe offer to write for them.

Due to my current living situation I’m a lodger and just have a 2m/70cm antenna in loft, and 40-15M mag loop in room, usually tuned to 40M FT8. I also do DMR, D-Star and some Yaesu Fusion.

I don’t moan about not being able to do 80M or working satellites, I just do what I’m able to.

Amatuer Radio is a Hobby with things to do, and this is to encourage you to find own path in hobby.

Also when I’m on the Bands I will make a point to work any obvious UK Foundation or Intermediate station or anyone from UK.

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