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Amateur Radio Exam Date Set

On Wednesday 17th March 2004 (St. Patricks Day and no doubt I shall have a few Guinness’), I will be taking my Foundation Amateur Radio license exam. I am sure I will pass.

Nowadays you can choose the last 3 letters of the callsign if available but will start M3. I was thinking that some of the following would be possible good selections:-
GAD (As in Gadget17)
GIB (From Surname)
PDG (Initials)
JCP or DWP (from Work not great selections)
NOK (As in Nokia)
AAS (As in All About Symbian)

I am sure others will be thought of in the time until the exam, but I can’t think of anymore right now.

On Saturday 20th March 2004, I shall be flying off to Nice France (with EasyJet to visit my Uncle briefly to collect an Amateur Radio HF transceiver. It’s a Kenwood TS-50

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No South London Repeater

Have just found out that there was an Amateur Radio repeater in South London, but was closed down recently due to high cost of running at Crystal Palace. The Repeater “GB3SL” was one of 4 in London, but is the only one offline.

Luckily I can pick up the one in West London, but would be nice if GB3SL did make a comeback. Who know this post may trigger some interest.