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APRS Tracker (part 1)

Earlier in the year I attended the EMF camp ( Since attending I’ve been chatting to some of the Amateur radio operators ( ) who attended.

One of the topics of discussion was about a project for the next camp in 2016. APRS seems likely and as I’ve still not got my GF radio setup at my grandads I need something radio related.

So this week as its payday I’ve ordered some parts to get my own APRS tracker up and running.

The list includes: –

  • Foxtrack APRS Tracker $20
  • U-Blox GPS module £10
    • (sorry if link expired)
  • Baofeng UV5R TRRS Adapter
  • Baofeng UV-6 (already own but under £30)
    • (linked to Amazon as link shouldn’t change)

I’ll get some photos when parts other than the radio arrive.

Pre-Desk Tidy

The attached photo is of my desk before I set about a tidy up.

I’m adding a floating shelving unit with the following items:-

Hopefully by the end of weekend, or early next week I should be able to update with the end result.

Also the desk will be moved forward slightly so I can add the antenna behind on it’s Speaker stand.

DVAP Dongle & MFJ-1788X

Right to start with the MFJ-1788X (Magnetic Loop Antenna 7-22 MHz (40-15M)) has been ordered awaiting delivery. I might contact Martin Lynch & Sons to say I’ll collect from Kempton Radio Rally (West London Radio & Electronics Fair) on Sunday 10th November so not much to report yet.

Also I purchased a DVAP Dongle. I went with the 70cms model as it’s a larger band and usually quieter. Some people mentioned that it’s it illegal. Well after some reading it seems I have to tick “lock callsign” box in UK and I have to be nearby so it’s still classed as attended. Also the DVAP Dongle only transmits about 10 mW into it’s tiny antenna (see in photo with Raspberry Pi for size comparison).

I’ve had a few QSOs on it, and it’s nice to work anything waiting for my Mag Loop antenna.

Update (belated):- It was delivered after Kempton, but seeing the size of the box, I’m glad it was delivered.

Unboxing Pic of 3G Router

Just quick pic I took while un-boxing my Chinese 3G Router for £20 ish from eBay.

It’s described as a 1.8A power bank, 3G hotspot (you provide own 3G stick) & Mini Wifi Access point.

Not bothered too much by the 1.8A battery as have 7a pack, but hope it works on other 2 selling points. Hopefully I’ll report back soon.