Where's My Phone Gone? (Part 2)

I was told yesterday after phoning Lifeline (Carphone Warehouse Insurance People) that would cost me £29.99 to get new phone. So today I headed down to Carphone Warehouse with the £40.00 left in my bank till payday. Everything seems fine till they say I will also need to pay the first month premium, as although I had been a Lifeline customer for a number of years, as I had just purchased the new phone recently, I still had the first premium to pay on this new Insurance!

£29.99 (insurance excess) + £23.99 (first Months premium) = More than £40.00 I have! * OUCH *

So, I will have to use the money I had saved to go to the All About Symbian pub meet and hope another will be organised soon, or I will have to raise a few quid through other sources! (i.e. Generous Grandparents!). All I ask that if anyone goes, and I do not, get some photos! 🙂

Even worse, I got a loan phone. A Mitisubishi Trium

Where's My Phone Gone???

I was out last night and got rather Drunk celebrating a colleagues Birthday. When woke up this afternoon, I had lost my phone, either down the Pub or the Taxi.

Spent a while phoning Vodafone and the Police to get phone blocked and a Crime Number, then contacted my Insurance people to claim for a new phone. Will cost me ?30.00.

I might ask to see if I can upgrade to a Nokia 3650 instead of a Nokia 7650

I don’t seem to have a great deal of luck with phones, my last one went through the washing machine.

Children In Need Haircut

Before The Haircut

In 2002 (I added these images to blog in 2004) I decided to have a Haircut whilst raising money for Children In Need.

Here are the photos taken before and after.

I raised £235 (approx) if I remember rightly, and got a free Haircut. Can’t be bad!

After The Haircut