Where's My Phone Gone???

I was out last night and got rather Drunk celebrating a colleagues Birthday. When woke up this afternoon, I had lost my phone, either down the Pub or the Taxi.

Spent a while phoning Vodafone and the Police to get phone blocked and a Crime Number, then contacted my Insurance people to claim for a new phone. Will cost me ?30.00.

I might ask to see if I can upgrade to a Nokia 3650 instead of a Nokia 7650

I don’t seem to have a great deal of luck with phones, my last one went through the washing machine.

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Children In Need Haircut

Before The Haircut

In 2002 (I added these images to blog in 2004) I decided to have a Haircut whilst raising money for Children In Need.

Here are the photos taken before and after.

I raised £235 (approx) if I remember rightly, and got a free Haircut. Can’t be bad!

After The Haircut

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