National Mills Weekend

Yesterday afternoon I heard and worked a couple of Mills operating for the National Mills Weekend. I will be listening again today when I get up for more stations, although I will probably work more if my HF antenna was operational.

Link with Info about NMW:-

Must also make sure Envelopes are lodged with the Bureau so I can start getting my QSL cards I have been sent.


Was good to see everyone who attended the Kempton Radio Rally.

I didn’t take many photos, so pop along to the Whitton Amateur Radio Group (WARG) link and check out the news section for the photos.

Meet Me At Kempton Radio Rally

It’s that time again for the Kempton Park Radio Rally on Sunday (7th May) and I will be there as normal.

If for any reason you have managed to find my site and are going to the rally, please feel free to make yourself known. At all the Kempton Rallies I have attended I have gone with the Whitton Amateur Radio Group (See Club Links), and I am normally checking tickets on the door.

And no free entry I’m afraid (I have been asked Smiley Face ), but I would be happy to have a chat, and or a drink with any of my readers (are there any?????).

Music Suggestions

I left the office I was at for 7 1/2 years on Friday and will be starting later this morning.

As a leaving present I was giving a £40.00 HMV gift card, but am lost as to what to spend it on.

Some ideas include:-

  • Coldpay – X&Y
  • Jeff Wayne – War of the World
  • Faithless – Greatest Hits
  • Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
  • Pink Floyd – Division Bell (&/or Pulse but costs £30+)
  • Vanessa Mae – The Ultimate Vanessa Mae

I know this is a rather eclectic mix, but I have always had odd tastes in music. I may just go in and buy compilation box-sets instead. I would also enjoy some sort of Driving music/ballads. Who Knows?

Anyone got any ideas?

UPDATE:- I Ended up getting an I-SCREAM 1GB MP3 Player.