G1ZQN going forward

For now this site will remain, but on Radio I will be G1ZQN.
I umm’d and arr’d for ages and M0TZO was ahead, but in my heart I want to help G1ZQN callsign. This was my uncle’s callsign when he was alive and he encouraged me to get into Ham Radio.
I’ve already made the change on FT8/4 and will use on Digital voice modes like DMR, etc, even if shows M0TZO on screen for now.
It will be a process to change everything over, but it’s happening.

M3TZO & 2E0TZO update

As of today 10th May 2023 I’ve surrendered M3TZO and 2E0TZO callsigns on the Ofcom licence portal. With exception of 1 QSO in 2014 I’ve not used the callsigns since 2005/2006, so it seemed the right time.

PSU Failing

It’s been a while since I posted last, and this seems appropriate to the theme of the blog to write about.

So my old Samlex SEC 1223 Power Supply Unit (PSU) is failing and not sure why. I’ve had since around 2005/2006 when my late Uncle gave it to me (with a Kenwood HF Radio which I no longer have).

I’ve ordered a new Linear PSU which will offer a higher max Amp, but is 9Kg in weight. I’m off work Tuesday, so will try to get some photos then, and report back on any findings.

Clever Idea

So, was in the lift at work, and it’s one that when door close its completely sealed from light.

In emergency I would assume would be some form of lighting.

However, for those stuck, at some point when the panic sets in and a million calls and text are made, what happens when phone dies.

My thought, is have corner/corners with a independently powered wireless charger in the floor.

If there a while, at least those with wireless charging phones can keep them charged.

New Radio Ordered – Vero VGC VR-N7500

I’ve been looking for a small 2m / 70cm radio to sit next to my Yaesu FT-991A for a while, and decided as near my birthday finally a good excuse to have a look at options and buy something.

I’d come across the Vero VGC VR-N7500 a few times, and ticked some boxes for what I wanted. The main thing about this radio I liked was APRS and the Bluetooth features. The Price was also nice.

So choice made, I headed to my usual UK radio online emporiums. “Out of Stock” everywhere. So looked at a couple of EU sites and thankfully Passion-Radio.com had it in stock.

Will post some pics, etc when it arrives (due Wednesday, 11/11/2020).