Clever Idea

So, was in the lift at work, and it’s one that when door close its completely sealed from light.

In emergency I would assume would be some form of lighting.

However, for those stuck, at some point when the panic sets in and a million calls and text are made, what happens when phone dies.

My thought, is have corner/corners with a independently powered wireless charger in the floor.

If there a while, at least those with wireless charging phones can keep them charged.

New Radio Ordered – Vero VGC VR-N7500

I’ve been looking for a small 2m / 70cm radio to sit next to my Yaesu FT-991A for a while, and decided as near my birthday finally a good excuse to have a look at options and buy something.

I’d come across the Vero VGC VR-N7500 a few times, and ticked some boxes for what I wanted. The main thing about this radio I liked was APRS and the Bluetooth features. The Price was also nice.

So choice made, I headed to my usual UK radio online emporiums. “Out of Stock” everywhere. So looked at a couple of EU sites and thankfully had it in stock.

Will post some pics, etc when it arrives (due Wednesday, 11/11/2020).

4,000 QSOs in Logbook

4,000 QSOs

I’ve been pushing hard this year to get lots of QSOs. I started year on under 900 in total in Logbook, but found although higher I had somehow got some duplicate PSK contacts.

Today I hit 4,000 QSOs in total in the log.

EMF Things to Do

What is EMF Camp? It’s a Biannual event for hackers, makers and geeky people to get together started in 2012.

In 2016 & 2018 some of the things you could do at the event included the following (in no particular order):-
Blacksmithing, Maths, Ring Making, Karaoke, become a True Scotsman, Amateur Radio, Be on bridge if star trek ship, play 3D life sized Guitar hero, retro arcade & console games, internet controlled lighting of a rabbit, order a drink over the internet and watch a robot make it, Dungeons and dragons, cards against humanity, sumo robot competition, fire ping pong, 3D printing, Laser cutting, use a BBC micro to Tweet, be in a tent with Mains electricity, WiFi or Cabled internet, smoke machines, Laser tag, tuck shop, hackerspace passports and stamps, hackable badges, use a BBS, soldering, meet Tom Scott, drank Buckfast, Laser & pyrotechnics rave, pagers, DECT phone network, GSM Phone badge with Sim card (, ethical lock picking, High Altitude Ballooning (HAB), order beer with Bitcoin

Please let me know if there is anything I’ve missed and probably there are lots I’ve not seen, or forgotten.

Updates to Blog (finally)

I’m working on loads of updates to Blog. I’ve decided to keep most old content, but may tweak it, and the static pages with info about me and my radios will be updated at some time.

I’ve already done the logbook page which now shows the last QSO from my Cloudlog logbook. Also if haven’t noticed, I have a new theme.