BlueTooth for Radios?

BluetoothWas thinking a couple of days ago, (but forgot about until now) that what would be great for Amateur (or even CB, PMR, etc) Radio is a BlueTooth headset.

It would have to consist of 2 parts one to fit Radio (so you could leave in bag, on desk) and the other bit being the Headset. This might be inpractical as there can be various types of connections to radios, but the headset could be universal across the range.

Software Wanted

I am after a program for my laptop so when is running can receive images via Bluetooth (BT) or Infrared (IR) and will be shown directly on the screen, similar to how the Digital Image Frames work (for example the Nokia Image Frames).

Anyone know of such a program?

On This Day – 1954: ‘Metal fatigue’ caused Comet crashes
The first day of the public inquiry into the crashes of two Comet airliners within months of each other hears that metal fatigue is the most likely cause.


I finally got a Bluetooth USB adaptor, and hope and prayed would work as got one that didn’t say on package that would worked on Mac, but the Mac OS X bluetooth software got it working. In case any with a Mac is insterested, it is a Kondor USB BT Adaptor that most of the phone shops in my High Street sell. By the time I got to last one and found the same product (even packaging) I decided to buy from Vodafone and checked if didn’t work I could take back. Luckily it did.

Was quite surpised when I iSync’ed that even the contacts photos were sync’ed. At the moment, I believe that only the Address book can be sync’ed but Apple are working on that.