My 6600

The first week or so with my new 6600 has certainly been an eye-opener compared against my old 7650. While I still like some part of the 7650 the extra memory and brighter screen are major bonuses of the 6600.

One downside I have noticed is that I am charging the 6600 more regularly possibly due to smaller battery. This could also be due to the fact I am playing more games, and sending lots of texts (get 500 free a month).

I also paid a visit to J2K Symbian Themes website and downloaded lots of themes. A few days later I deleted all but Blue Final PRO by AEFox and changed wallpaper to a photo of my Nephew who is at time of writing 13 days old (Ahhh!).

I am also taken more photos than ever (mostly ones that later I bin) thanks to the 32Mb memory card which compared to the 7650 is vastly bigger although I may in near future purchase a much bigger card.

The easiest task by far though was copying my phone numbers I had on 7650 to the 6600. This was made so simple with iSync on my Mac. I set up the 6600 as the main phone and then just a click later had all phone numbers and their thumbnails restored.

Well it’s back to playing with the phone……………….

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2 Responses to My 6600

  1. I just got one also! What happened to the Numbers Mob?

  2. Gadget17 says:

    Shawn, had been on a Back burner but now have new phone should have some more soon. I have also started a Numbers game on AAS at and you can upload your photo there. For anyone who wants heres the Numbers link

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