Ultimate Top 10 Sci-fi Aliens

The “Ultimate Top 10 Sci-fi Aliens” program was on Friday night in UK on SkyOne. What do you think of the list??? any missing???

Click Continue to find Number 1, but before you do can you guess what the Number 1 might be?

And the Number 1 is….. E.T.Pat
Voice of, (Uncredited)

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2 Responses to Ultimate Top 10 Sci-fi Aliens

  1. bob1 says:

    hmmm, i wonder why the daleks aren’t up there with the alien greats? they shud be i think.
    ET the extra-terrestrial? pfft, come on!, thats a kids movie, but it is sci-fi, watever, ppl made up there minds, the daleks shud be numba 1 ……

  2. Gadget17 says:

    There’s a few more I think should/could be listed. Worf (Klingon), The Borg (in theory a multitude of aliens), Ode (The Founders).

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