HF Convention (HFC), Gatwick

Having spent the last 2 days here at the HFC, I thought I would write a report from my “newbie” perspective.

I have been a licensed for less than a year and this was the first major event I have attended. But within moments of walking though the doors and paying my entrance fee, I saw people I knew. These included members from SCRS and the Whitton Amateur Radio Group (WARG).

I was originally going to do my Intermediate and Advance courses, but as it got closer to event I still hadn’t done any soldering so will be doing the Exams at a later stage. This left me able to go to some of the lectures and other attractions on offer instead.

The lectures I attended were the 3B9C Rodrigues Island Expedition, Development and design philosophy of the Yaesu FT DX 9000 Elite-Class HF/50 MHz Transceiver, Wire Antennas, Basic QSOs in Foreign Languages, World Wide Young Contesters (WWYC), StarSoftware and the 3B9C DXpedition and the Raffle Draw & Farewell from RSGB President.

I also took the opportunity over the weekend to visit the stalls from the RSGB and ML&S.

The HFC over the weekend had a station available for visitors to operate with the call MB2HFC. There were 2 radios available for use. I was in awe at how fast the Morse operators were logging whilst CW was being used.

I was going to leave early on the Sunday but decided to stay until after the Raffle. There were 2 big prizes supplied by Yaesu and ML&S as well as various other smaller prizes. But alas was not my day to win, maybe next year.

Photos from event in ScrapBook

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