Do you want Fries with that?

Although I am not the smallest person and know I should try to loose weight, I do enjoy a KFC or Burger King Burger, but I hate the chips and the drinks are little more than water.

So when I order a Zinger Tower Burger I usually ask for it on it’s own. I am fed up with the amount of times though that even asking for a “Zinger Burger on it’s own Please” is followed up by the person behind the counter with “Do you want Fries with that?”.

I am certain that if I had wanted Fries, I would have Not asked for a Burger On It’s Own.

Sorry if this seems petty, but needed to get that off my chest!

Death of Film Photography?

Is Film Photography on it’s last legs?

It may well be according to Kodak who are bailing out of the Traditional Film market in the USA and Europe.

The BBC web site has This Article entitled “Kodak embraces digital revolution”. It says that Kodak will be concentrating on the Digital camera market instead.

So it looks like may well be a Farewell to 35mm. R.I.P.

Morse Code Software

Update:- Finally a program is available Here

Was chatting in the Mobitopia chat room earlier today and I mentioned the fact I am aiming to do and get an Amateur Radio license.

For part of the Amateur License there is a Morse Code part. What I want is a program for my phone so I can practise Morse Code.

  • Some of the features could include:-
    • Left/Right soft keys for Dots and Dashes (Dits and Dahs)
    • Alternative text input (i.e. for Txt Msgs)
    • Game mode to practice letters with increasing difficulty
    • Variable speed (XX WPM (words per minute))
    • Variable letter length (0-30secs to practise for ShortWave)
    • When in background plays pressed letters as Morse

It possible this will never get made, but I have to at least put the idea out so if anybody does see potential in this, it may get created.

Amateur Radio Books

Today my Granddad visited and brought with him some books he said he would get for me.

The books are for the Amateur Radio courses, but I have had little luck so far in finding somewhere near me that does the courses. I will be attending the SCRS next week, and hope that they will know somewhere locally.

The Books, “Foundation Licence Now!” (Alan Betts (G0HIQ)) and “Intermediate Licence – Building on the Foundation” (Steve Hartley (G0FUW)), are available from RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain). Amateur Radio Training can be obtained Directly From Here