No South London Repeater

Have just found out that there was an Amateur Radio repeater in South London, but was closed down recently due to high cost of running at Crystal Palace. The Repeater “GB3SL” was one of 4 in London, but is the only one offline.

Luckily I can pick up the one in West London, but would be nice if GB3SL did make a comeback. Who know this post may trigger some interest.

Dinner Party Guests

At work today whilst I was in the smoking room, an interesting question was posed.

Which Famous people (Dead or Alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Mine dinner party would have the following guests:-
? Guy Penrose Gibson (Wing Commander) (Well is a namesake)
? Guglielmo Marconi (Inventor)
? Bill Bailey (Comedian)
? Phil Harding (Field Archaeologist)
? Robert Llewellyn (Comedian & TV Presenter)
? Steve Jobs (CEO, Apple CEO, Pixar)
? Thomas Harris (Writer)
? Douglas Adams (Writer)
? Jodie Foster (Actress)
? Jo Brand (Comedienne)

? Leonardo Da Vinvi (Inventor & Artist)
? Micheal Palin (Comedian)
? Nelson Mandela (President)

Well I may add more later, but that enough for now!


Valentine’s Day came
one day early this
year when a
at work gave me
a Chocolate Heart. It
meant only as a friendly gesture
as 2 other male
colleagues received them and she has a partner. The
funny thing though was not long after we opened another
of my colleagues said she needed a break as was feeling
faint so she could have something to eat as she hadn’t
had breakfast. I quickly thought and made the
suggestion that she had a small piece of my
chocolate heart. She felt a little better
after having the chocolate and we
all had a laugh at the
idea of me sharing
my Heart.