Intermediate Licence Practise

Well firstly apologise for not posting for a while, but I have been busy practising for my Amateur Radio Intermediate Licence, as well as deleting and re-categorising some posts here.

The Intermediate Radio Licence course won’t be stating until October, but I wanted to get ahead of the game. In preparation, I have purchased a Multi-meter and Soldering Iron. I will if all goes to plan be taking the course at Bromley DARS than for my Foundation Licence at Whitton ARG ARG. Only one bus from centre of town to Bromley instead of one bus and two trains Whitton. Talking of which, I went to the Whitton club for 1st time last friday since I got my Foundation Licence and had a great evening.

I contacted the author of the Intermediate Licence book and was sent some Mock Exams which I am working though the questions so I understand what the questions are asking. For part of it you can choose to build a simple electrical project and I have a feeling I want to try a Morse Oscillator so I can try to learn Morse Code. Well it’s back to the Studying…..