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Currently in a Internet cafe on the Island and the weather is Hot Hot Hot. Almost too Hot for me!

Didn’t expect to find an Internet Cafe but has given me the chance to catch up on Emails, etc on the net.

Not much more to report as my Dad is working today and week has generally been slow. Will be posting some photos in my Gallery upon my return home so keep a look out.

Back to the Hot Weather Now!

Day 1 on Isle of Wight

Day 1 on Isle of Wight and I am drunk. It’s nearly 7pm and have been drinking for last 4-5 hours.

Why? Well I am going to blame on my dad’s birthday, but maybe because I needed a drink.

Whatever the story, here I am not even 8pm and would be unable to drive (if I was licenced).

More from Isle of Widget soon.