New QSL Card Ordered (Finally)

tzo-beta1Well was about time. I have finally ordered my New QSL Cards from Gennady UX5UO

I have asked for 1,000 Luxury cards consisting of Full Glossy front image and single colour on the back.

The Photo is my own taken during a brief few days which almost closed London down due to lack of planning.

The box in the centre is for when I get around to ordering a Dymo Label printer, and made slightly bigger than size of see-thru labels I have seen on their site.

My congratulations on your design!
It is really professional, 100% suitable for processing.
73, Gennady

Even had above comment from the QSL printer as I sent my own card design to him.

Guess I have no excuses for not working HF now.

The Quality of the card image here is deliberately low (186Kb). The working file sizes were 20Mb front image & 9Mb rear image (4.9Mb & 3.5Mb flattened images sent to printer).