May 2009 update (or what have I been doing)

icom-ic-e92dTo start this post I have gone digital.

I finally decided the time had come, and I had the funds to give D-Star a try. The choice is one I am not regretting (so far).

I purchased the very rig in the photo, it’s an Icom IC-E92D. I should point out that in some countries this radio maybe referred to as IC-92AD but more or less it works the same.

Also as can be seen in the photo the radio doesn’t say D-Star. There is some issue in Europe & Africa which means they call it Digital and not D-Star.

I have mainly worked through GB7AU ( repeater in Amersham and it’s also the site I used to be registered onto the D-Star system.

I have spoken to stations in other parts of England, Northern Ireland, and USA, as well as a friend locally used D-Star in simplex mode.

The clarity of audio is great when it works, but if you lose the signal slightly it breaks up so nothing is heard, or it’s a garbled mess, but generally it’s been working.

mkars80-310509 I have also this weekend soldered some more bits onto my MKARS80. I have a few friends who keep badgering me and asking if I am finished yet. This is my first build of something this complex.

Prior to this my most complex build was a morse oscillator I have also posted in this post.

morseosciI think I am doing well, and I offer this challenge. If you want to moan at me about how long this is taking (I started in July 2008), then you should build one yourselves first. 🙂

A quick calculation in Excel informed me I have completed over 80% of the kit. I have spoken to a friend as I need some un-enameled wire. I have some 22gauge wire from the kit, but my current soldering iron is not hot enough to melt the enamal.