D-Star APRS with Icom IC-E29D & HM-175GPS mic

A few weeks ago I ordered the Icom GPS mic from an eBay seller in Canada.

Took a little longer to be delivered than the 6-10 days I was quoted, but I blame the postal services, not the seller.

I wanted to use with the DPRS (digital APRS) & it took a bit of research and even emailing a site owner that his site was down to fine tune the settings.

Using a Combination of the links below I was able to fine tune my settings and have posted some images from the RS-92 software.

As I am usually listening to a repeater the GPS Auto TX is off.

D-PRS Calculator
This page calculates the necessary GPS message (C1 message on most Icom radios) to use your Icom radio in GPS mode (not GPS-A mode) with D-PRS. Your browser must have JavaScript enabled to use this page.

D-PRS Calculator Same as above I found when site above was down.

Cambridgeshire Repeater Group DPRS Setup

Accessing GB7GL

GB7WC.org.uk APRS