Finally making contacts

QSL CardsI have been someone lacking in making any contacts on the air recently, and I think one thing stopping me was my pile of QSL cards.

One night while I was on leave this week I spent few hours chatting on the IRC chat to the “Linux in the Ham Shack” guys until 4am, but knew I wasn’t tired.

I had my pile of QSL card labels printed, but taunting me at the side of the desk.

With no other distractions I continued the labelling. I also had TV on in background. Next thing my sister had got up and was going to work, and I ploughed on with the task.

It ended with me printing (after setting up my Dymo label printer) an few from contacts I had made earlier in the week.

Next time I looked at clock was 9:30am but was all but complete by then.

It’s now nice to have the labelling setup again (hadn’t sorted since my big PC crash earlier in year) and to have this mammoth task finally done.

As a nice outcome I enjoyed working PSK31 again and made 11 contacts alone today on 15m, 17m, 20m, 40, & 80m. Countries worked were England, Greece, Germany, Poland, European Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, France & Hungary.

Also I finally had a QSL with Peter 2E0SQL on 80m PSK as although we run many websites together, the only previous QSO was through a repeater & never on HF. This has now been corrected and the QSL card is done & featured in the post photo.

My next 2 weekends I am at Ham Radio events.

2nd Oct I am going to the National Hamfests

8th-10 Oct I will be at the RSGB Convention in Milton Keynes