A well dressed business man goes into a rough bar. The bar man notices him as was too well dressed to be one of his normal customers.

The man orders a drink from the barman and while the barman is getting his drink the business man starts speaking into his hand like a telephone.

The barman being concerned due to some of the others costomers reactions if they saw this goes over to him with his drink and warns him that he should be careful about acting wierd. The business man is slightly misitified until the barman says about talking into your hand like that.

The business man laughs and says, oh you have it wrong, I was talking into my phone. The barman says no seriously if it continues I will throw you out. Then the business man says no really, it’s the latest technology not even offically released yet. I can show you whats you home number?

The barman is intrigued and jots his number down. The business man then punches his hand like he would dial on a mobile phone and holds his hand up to the barman like a phone. After having a chat with someone he finishes and chats to the business man about how amazing that is, but suggests as is a rough pub to keep use to a minimum.

The business man then needs the toilet after after being pointed to by the barman enters the toilet.

10 minutes later the barman notices he still hasn’t come out, but as pub is busy leaves it a bit longer before checking.

20 minutes later when the bar is quieter the business man still hasn’t come back out of the toilet so the barman goes to check.

He enters the toliet to find him spear-eagle against the wall, trousers around ankles and toilet paper protruding from his bottom.

Concerned he had been attacked the barman asks if he OK.

The business man replies “Yes Fine, I am waiting for a Fax”!!