Modern Steam Engine?

I am currently watching a TV programme on BBC1 called “Fred Dibnah’s Age of Steam”. My crazy thought whilst watching it was the following.

This all our modern knowledge and technology, I can’t help but wonder what a Steam Engine would look like if it was designed and built today. How efficient would it be? Would modern material like Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, etc be used? Is there computer systems that could be used to design it? Or is this just too crazy? (Please give me credit if you ever do decide to design/build a modern engine and was inspired by my ramblings)

3 Replies to “Modern Steam Engine?”

  1. I am a student and I have a question. My question that i want to ask is are you David Clark going to build this train? Also if you aren’t you shouldn’t get the credit of that idea because i have seen it before. Even though it is a good idea and you may have inspired many. I would give you credit if you helped me build it hahah. Nt if you just insired me.
    Thanks a lot i hope some one tries to build and make more steam engines. Also David Clarknice web page.