YourSymbian Editor

This weekend I have spent a proportion of my time editing for YourSymbian.

YourSymbian is a fortnightly newsletter for the Symbian world.

The 16th edition is the first one I have edited and was helped though making it by Ewan Ewan who also produced some of the articles.

Not sure as of writing this whether it has hit the 9000+ e-mail boxes as when Rafe first tried would not send.

In it I have written some articles about the funnier side of the Mobile world, but to read you are going to have to subscribe to YourSymbian or visit the site in 2 weeks when it’s archived there.

One Reply to “YourSymbian Editor”

  1. Its going out now! Silly me couldn’t get the thing to work until I realised the server on which sending relies was out of disk space. Whoops 🙁

    Great issue Gadget. It fun to read a YS without having seen all the stuff as it goes through 🙂