Foundation Training

CQ CQ CQ Gadget17 has made his first radio message at the WARG. As we were with the trainer it was to practice the initial call. I also got my first QSL card.

During the evening there were only 2 of us training (the other guy works as a pilot for a major airline). We practiced some radio etiquette on PMR radio’s, setting up a radio (to a power supply, antenna amplifier, antenna, and mic).

We then had a break from the training while club members discussed an event they will be marshalling in April.

Then we got to use a big Icom radio in which we were shown how to tune an ATU (Antenna Tuning Unit) on SSB (Single Side Band) then tuning the radio itself. Was a revelation when I got a hit on someone broadcasting and managed to (with some help) get the person’s Amateur License call-sign.

The only downside with WARG is that it’s quite a distance from Sutton. I had to get a bus and 2 trains to Whitton. I must say though that the club seems a friendly affair and it’s a shame will only be able to go there due to distance for the Foundation License training.