Icom OPC-478 Connector

Info for this Connector was obtained from ICOM CI-V Hardware Page

Here are some images of the OPC478 connector someone is making for me.

Icom OPC-478 Interface.

The ICOM design for the OPC-478 interface is a simple transistor circuit used for cloning. The version by Chris VK3JEG http://uk.geocities.com/blakkekatte/hardware/opc-aus.jpg gives equivalents for the transistor and diode parts. That version is the one commonly found on the internet. However the one from ICOM Japan’s site http://uk.geocities.com/blakkekatte/hardware/opc478-japan.jpg has a few modifications. I have added the transistor and diode equivalences from VK3JEG’s copy of the earlier version of the interface. WA0SXV http://www.wa0sxv.us/ci-v.html has some reservations that this design might not properly implement the RS-232 protocol.

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  1. Please note that the Photo has jumpers set for another Icom, not IC-E90 as was being tested at the time, and one of the circuit diagrams was an earlier version, so be careful if you use.

  2. help i have 2 ic-f10 radios tx 165.115 i need to re program them and i cant find the software and also would like to make the connector cable opc 478 with the 3.5 mm plug for sterio versions but dont know how please help any body