Requested Call-Sign

OK, I can’t keep it in any longer.

When I sent off my Paperwork for my Foundation Amateur Radio License, it asked which Call-Sign you wanted. After a phone call my first choice had gone, but the second I put on the application was (and still is) available.

And the one I requested is M3TZO or Mike, Three, Tango, Zulu, Oscar.

The ones that used letters from my nickname had gone, but after trying to think of words that had 5 letters starting with ME, I then decided on 3 letters that didn’t have acronyms with it.

Hopefully I will get it! 🙂

On another Radio point, I have on Friday installed my 52ft (2x26ft) G5RV antenna in my loft. Took an hour or 2 of crawling around but is up an running. All I need now is my grounding wire.