Busy Weekend for Me

What a weekend I have just had, and feel I need to go to work to relax from it. Spent most of Saturday mowing the Front & Back lawns. It took quite a while as was more like a Jungle than a lawn. I believe I found some new species of Flora and Forna. Unfortunately the Back lawn was so bad that I have to finish next weekend but over half is done.

It was also my Mum’s birthday, but I have a slight cash-flow problem. Luckily at end of month is PayDay and my sister also has to get her something, so we will mostly likely combine our money.

With regard to my Radio, I made my first HF radio contact on my Kenwood TS50 radio. Was with a guy in Epsom just down the road from my location but further than I have made with my Handheld.

I have also set up my 2m SlimJim antenna, so that is usable, but need to purchase more Co-ax so I can put up outside.

My uncle on Friday has sent me a Computer-Radio (Kenwood TS50) interface and 80m traps for my G5RV jnr. I made an elementry mistake when I installed the interface though. I used the basic settings with checking they were right, and for most of weekend I had 1 digit wrong and wasn’t working properly. Thankfully it is now!