Pet Hates

From room “1—RSM” on eQSO some of the Pet Hates we discussed tonight!

Can you guess what some of our Pet Hate are?

  • Packaging
    • Including:- Shrink-wrap, Large Boxes for Small Items
  • Bats on the Antenna
    • When bats are hanging on the Antenna and you transmit, you can here the bats falling
  • Lunch-Time Queues
    • Why do people who have all the time in the world use shops during 12-2pm when office workers are on breaks?
  • Oranges
    • Having to Peel them to eat them and the feel of the peel on the fingernails.
  • Lottery Ticket Sales
    • Why so some shops have seperate tills for normal items & Lottery tickets?
  • Boy Racers
    • Loud Music, Loud Engines, Showing Off what Daddy brought them for Xmas! (Need I say more?)
  • Shop Orders
    • Shops who have to Order anything you want and never have anything you ned in stock.
  • Screaming Kids
    • Kids who are Screaming when you are trying to have some peace and quiet!
  • Ring-Tones
    • Unrecognisable ring-tones on Mobile Phone
  • AOL CD’s
    • I left Compuserve YEARS AGO (8+yrs) and still get AOL CD’s from them
  • Weather Madness
    • People who are too hot in summer, too wet in rain, and too cold in winter!
  • You’ve Won!
    • Offers telling you that you have Won Money But that’s until you have read the small print
  • Cold Callers!
    • Enough Said!

(Gadget17 does not hate or suffer from everything on this list. 🙂 )

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