Wight Away (fri)

Friday while on the Isle of Wight I had a long lie in and was not up until nearly midday. When I did get up I found my dad clearing the hotels swimming pool of leaves, etc.

We then had some lunch and watched some TV for a few hours. At 5:30 we ordered our tea from Mr T’s Pizza Shed. My dad had a large doner kebab and I had the bellybuster (12oz (339g) ribeye steak chargrilled and served in a pitta bread with salad and chips) although with no salad but with garlic mayo. Yum!.

In the evening we headed over to Bembridge where the Isle of Wight Radio Society (IWRS) meet. We spent a few hours there chatting to everyone. My dad even knew some of the members and is thinking of joining and trying to get his Amateur Licence. We was shown the rooms and one had the transmitting stuff in and soon they were getting contacts from as far away as Japan. I was given a go using the club call (G3SKY) and made 3 contacts although I can only remember one that was in Germany.

I would like to say thank you to everyone at the club for making me feel very welcome and I am sure I will be along to the club again when on the Isle of Wight.

Wight Away (thurs)

Was up before 9am (yes even on a day of flexi-leave) so we could make an early start to Portsmouth. We got to Portsmouth about 11:30 and after I said my goodbyes to my grandparents until Sunday then I was onto the Fast-Cat but had to wait nearly an hour as I missed the 11:20 sailing. From Ryde was a quick train ride to Shanklin then a Taxi to the apartments were my Dad works.

When I arrived I gave my dad some presents for his recent birthday. I was also allowed to use one of the Flats (for free) at the hotel apartments were my dad works.

A little while later a friend of his came around and invited us down the pub with a Chinese meal afterwards. About 5pm we headed for the pub and after about a couple of hours we left and got the Chinese meal. Then a quick stop at the Off-Licence I got a 5ltr keg of beer.

The evening was spent watching the Czech Republic vs. Portugal match, but of course the team I was rooting for lost (I had Czech Rep. in sweepstake at work I actually got a share of third prize as there was no 3rd/4th place play-off). After the match ended we then watched a Glastonbury video (Chemical Brothers were great).