Wight Away (thurs)

Was up before 9am (yes even on a day of flexi-leave) so we could make an early start to Portsmouth. We got to Portsmouth about 11:30 and after I said my goodbyes to my grandparents until Sunday then I was onto the Fast-Cat but had to wait nearly an hour as I missed the 11:20 sailing. From Ryde was a quick train ride to Shanklin then a Taxi to the apartments were my Dad works.

When I arrived I gave my dad some presents for his recent birthday. I was also allowed to use one of the Flats (for free) at the hotel apartments were my dad works.

A little while later a friend of his came around and invited us down the pub with a Chinese meal afterwards. About 5pm we headed for the pub and after about a couple of hours we left and got the Chinese meal. Then a quick stop at the Off-Licence I got a 5ltr keg of beer.

The evening was spent watching the Czech Republic vs. Portugal match, but of course the team I was rooting for lost (I had Czech Rep. in sweepstake at work I actually got a share of third prize as there was no 3rd/4th place play-off). After the match ended we then watched a Glastonbury video (Chemical Brothers were great).