What’s Been Happening

It’s been over a year since first being licenced as a Amateur Radio operator. I have had quite a good year with it including making new friends at clubs and on the air, attending radio events like Kempton Park Radio Fair.

I have now started my second course (Intermediate Licence) and will take about 6 weeks at the Whitton (WARG) club. I may also keep my M3 call from next 11 months and not upgrade to Intermediate and do my Advance exam. Will mean I forego the added priviledges of the Intermediate licence, but if I don’t have them I won’t miss them. In 11 months if I haven’t got the Advanced, but passed the Intermediate, I will let the M3 laspe and get a 2E call.

Last month I went to the SRCC’s Junk Sale. I sold some items and made about £35 and then brought a 2M Trio for £5 and a couple of weeks later I got the VFO unit for it for £6. Not bad I think to get a working 2M rig for £11.

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