Full Ham Exam Soon

Today I sent off the fee to the RSGB for my Full Amateur Radio Exam being held in October.

I will be taking it on the Sunday 9th October 2005 at the HF Convention in Gatwick.

I am reading the Exam book at the moment, but am looking at even a fail as positive as will understand what they are expecting.

So hopefully soon will be my final (UK) call-sign and will lay the other two call-signs to rest.

**Update** – Received E-mail today from RSGB and I have been confirmed on the Exam. Also have to remember to take my Passport and Licence to the event (and copies for them and the Logbook of the World (LOTW)).

PayPal Woes

Up until now my dealings with PayPal have been OK.

But yesterday changed that. Purchased an Item on eBay using “Buy It Now” and a while later received an e-mail from the Seller saying the payment had been refused.

Upon checking my account I saw that the Payment had been returned to my account. BUT checking my Bank Account it was not back.

So a little browsing in the PayPal help section I found this little Gem.

Q. – My payment was refused, but the funds have not been returned to me. Why?

A. – Funds from a refused payment are returned to the appropriate funding source for that payment. If you used funds from your PayPal balance to make the payment, the money is returned to your PayPal account. If you funded the payment with a credit card, the money is returned to your card. Depending on your card issuer, a credit to your credit card may take up to 30 days to process.

I am hoping Barclays Bank who have always been good for me won’t take the full 30 Days.

**Update** – Good Old Barclays. Only about a Week instead of the 30 days.!

Field Day

On Sunday 18th September me and a few friends from my local Radio Club went up to Reigate Hill.

We were there from about 9:00am operating our Amateur Radios and for most of us was the first time we had operated away from home and clubs.

We didn’t make lots of contacts, but the experience gained will hopefully put to use on Official Field days soon, possibly helping with the Scouts ‘Jamboree On The Air (JOTA)’.

Should hopefully provide the log here soon, although I think is about 30-40 contacts in all.

Pain Solved (Hopefully)

Some of you may remember I posted (although I have deleted the posts now) about stomach pains I was having which resulted in me being hospitalised twice before over last 2 years.

Well at the end of July I was rushed to hospital again. After more tests and being used as a pin cushion as they had problems finding my veins I was taken into surgery. They were going to investigate what was causing the pain (I had no other symptoms) with the option that if the Appendix looked bad they would remove.

The Appendix didn’t look good and they surgeon removed it during the operation. I spent 6 days in hospital in total and about another 6 weeks off work.

This week I was back at work (although finishing an hour early each day) and in some ways I am glad to be back.

Is this the end? Who knows!