Welcome WØTZO

Well it’s been hard not to mention too many places, but in December at Martin Lynch during their Hog Roast event, I took 2 USA Ham Radio tests. The Technician and General exams.

I passed the Technician (31/35), but failed the General (19/35). Not surprising as I didn’t study for the General exam. Should have used our new site www.hamtests.net (although site wasn’t finished at the time).

Anyway, yesterday I was granted my vanity requested callsign.

I am now (when I visit the USA) WØTZO.

I must thank Adam, WY4N who suggested the callsign and also warned me when I mucked up the application for the vanity call.

I was for about 3 weeks KJ4ISR, but was not for me.

Hoping to use the WØTZO moniker in May as I am planning to go to Dayton.

Full Ham Exam Soon

Today I sent off the fee to the RSGB for my Full Amateur Radio Exam being held in October.

I will be taking it on the Sunday 9th October 2005 at the HF Convention in Gatwick.

I am reading the Exam book at the moment, but am looking at even a fail as positive as will understand what they are expecting.

So hopefully soon will be my final (UK) call-sign and will lay the other two call-signs to rest.

**Update** – Received E-mail today from RSGB and I have been confirmed on the Exam. Also have to remember to take my Passport and Licence to the event (and copies for them and the Logbook of the World (LOTW)).