World Cup Stations I’ve Worked

With only 1 hour to go, I have decided to call it a day. I still have 8 stations to work, but I had fun. I have worked more Germans during this period than previously in my whole log, so not totally disappointed. Wonder what’s next, or maybe I need a break from Contest, Special Event Stations, etc.

I have also learnt I like the 20m band and am using it more nowadays than 2m.

Call Area Date Band Mode Confirmed
DQ2ØØ6C Oberbayern 26/06/2006 20m SSB eQSL
DQ2ØØ6D Berlin 08/07/2006 17m SSB Real
DQ2ØØ6I Nordsee 27/06/2006 20m PSK Real / eQSL
DQ2ØØ6M Schleswig-Holstein 16/07/2006 20m SSB Real
DQ2ØØ6N Westfalen-Nord 12/07/2006 20m SSB eQSL
DQ2ØØ6O Westfalen-Süd 16/07/2006 20m SSB Real
DQ2ØØ6U Bayern-Ost 16/07/2006 20m SSB Real
DQ2ØØ6W Sachsen-Anhalt 12/07/2006 20m SSB Real / eQSL
DQ2ØØ6X Thüringen 14/06/2006 20m SSB Real / eQSL
DQ2ØØ6Y Brandenburg 28/06/2006 20m SSB eQSL / LoTW
DQ2ØØ6Z VFDB 25/06/2006 20m SSB Real / eQSL
DQ2ØØ6J YL aktivities 27/06/2006 20m PSK eQSL
DR2ØØ6B Nürnberg 01/07/2006 20m RTTY eQSL
DR2ØØ6C München 16/07/2006 20m SSB Real / eQSL
DR2ØØ6F Frankfurt 28/06/2006 20m PSK eQSL
DR2ØØ6G Köln 12/07/2006 20m SSB Real
DR2ØØ6N Gelsenkirchen 27/06/2006 20m SSB Real / eQSL
DR2ØØ6O Dortmund 26/06/2006 20m SSB Real / eQSL
DR2ØØ6P Stuttgart 15/07/2006 20m SSB Real / LoTW

Table Showing how many stations I’ve worked together with levels to gain the Awards for working German Stations during the World Cup.

Stadion Distrikt Other Germans
Bronze 4 6 25
Silver 10 20 100
Gold 12 24 200
Actually Worked 7 12 17

For more info see link

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