Moving to the HRD Logging Software (updated)

I have one task I keep putting off, and have decided to kind of give up. Instead, I will carry on using WinLog32 until such time as I get my Full Licence (could be in Nov, could be later).

I will then setup a new file on HRD (Ham Radio Deluxe) and use that completely at that time.

I would have started using HRD earlier, but at time was running Windows ME and my PC didn’t like HRD. Now I have XP, it’s much happier. That is unless someone knows a better logger for Windows (Or Mac)

The best Mac Logger Called MacLogger looks good and cost $95 USD (£51 GBP Approx), but I hate paying for software (which is why I got a PC years ago). Still before year is out I should be getting an iMac (from a relative, but new for me and faster than current Mac), and may consider the MacLogger as well as have some money coming into my PayPal account hopefully soon.

Update:- Change of plan. I have now used Ham Radio Deluxe from all contacts on and after 1st October 2006.