Internal Server Error

Sorry if in last 24 hours you have come across an “Internal Server Error” whilst accessing this site or my Ham Radio ( site

Setup a feature that I needed to add one or another line of code to the .htaccess file, but in error I added both lines. This has now been corrected and hopefully everything is back to normal.

Had to laugh as all the possible problems I thought it could have been included, the Latest WP version or K2 theme (both updated via an SVN update), Dreamhost problem (had they modified my account???), or had I been hacked?

But as both the Blogs are on seperate logins/ftp/MySQL accounts, it limited exactly what it could have been. Answer = User Error.


Aside from drinking a few beers, been to some interesting lectures at HFC. In Morning was a talk by Mike McGirr K9AJ and a DXpedition to 2 IOTA islands in Canada. Then sat in bar area for few hours chatting and going over some revision with Dave Bowman GØMRF.

After lunch, went to a talk “3Y0X Peter 1 Island Expedition, Bob Allphin K4UEE”. It was an excellent presentation and numerous times had the room in fits of laughter.

I also picked up (finally) a Yaesu CD-24 charger (which I actually paid for earlier in week to make sure Martin Lynch brought with them) for my FT-897D. OK, so I still think the price for it was steep, but not many other options and I saved on postage.

Tomorrow have Exam in Morning and then more propping up the Bar as I know at least 2 Whitton ARG members who are going. Soon be time for sleep, but must run through the QADV software a few more times before bed.

Have taken a few photos at the 2006 HFC, and you can find in my HFC06 Photo Gallery. Not much there at moment as didn’t take many on day one.

Will try to get some more on Sunday after Exam, but if you have any you want hosted, let me know and I can either upload for you (they can be emailed) or I can setup an upload account.