First few weeks as full licencee

It’s been over 2 weeks since getting my full licence, but I haven’t been any more or less active on the radio than normal.

I have managed to work my first DX contact with my new call. In true style it was the DXpedition of a team to Libya that I worked 5A7A. Who knows whats next. Maybe the VU7LD station? We’ll see.

This Sunday I helped a team put in an entry for the Sutton and Cheam Radio Society in the RSGB 2m AFS contest. The contest ran from 09:00-17:00 on Sunday 3rd December.

We aimed to beat an entry that was submitted using a station that was on for the club last year. They scored 9,027 points with 91 contacts.

Operating as GØSAC/p at the end we had scored 9,952 points and 107 contacts. We in fact beat some other stations that were operating for the club. We were pleased. Operators were (in Call order) Alun G4WGE, Denis MØNDJ, Paul MØTZO, Martin M1MRB & Tim M3TKB. Helping in various ways although not as an operator, were John G3OLX, Daniel M3OYO, John M3PUQ & Roger M3RHL.