The Beast Is Alive

Over the weekend I paid for and took delivery of the first part(s) of my DIY computer project.

Some may say from my original text in My DIY PC I am not doing as I said and spending under £50 per component. I would like to say it’s the opposite. By paying £120 for Tower, PSU, MotherBoard, 1.3GHz chip, CD-W & CD-Rom I have saved loads. It’s possible I could have spent upto £300.

When I got home this evening, I just had to power it up. Now the observant reader may have noticed the fact I didn’t mention a HDD. This was not an error as I will need to eventually get a hard-drive to get the PC it fully working (ie, came without one).

At work though I hatched a plan to test The Beast “Das Tier” (in German) as I have nick-named it due to it’s massive size. Once I got home an old keyboard & mouse, VGA lead and power lead. Also a CD.

I plugged the PC into our LG 32″ LDC TV and powered up the computer with Ubuntu Live CD. It worked. I had fun on various levels mostly 1st* time these events happened for me.

  • Using Ubuntu *
  • Using Linux *
  • Running PC through LCD Tv *
  • Run a PC with No HDD *
  • Booting new (2nd hand) PC *

Well I forsee a few more fun tests until I purchase/obtain a HDD for it. 2 possible are booting from USB stick and Damn Small Linux (DSL) as I have done neither before.