IoW & LoTW Update

Been on Isle of Wight since 11:30am on 16th May. We spent evening at various Pubs and had a meal at one of them.

Have been contacted about getting a lift to “Isle of Wight Radio Society” club and will be picked up Friday evening to be taken there. Always managed to sort a lift back as well, so will speak to people when there.

Hoping to get on their rigs and put some calls into their logbook.

Logbook of the World Update:-

2EØTZO has now had following calls confirmed:- DR2ØØ6P, ES1GF, DJ9AO, LY3BA, DQ2ØØ6Y, IK8NIJ, 9M2CNC, GØRTN

MØTZO has now had following calls confirmed:- G3YYD

Need to work on MØTZO getting some more confirmed.

Hopefully more updates later in week in either Blog. MØTZO going QRT.

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