A week on the bands

It’s been a busy week (for me anyway).

For a while I had the notion in my head “to try to make one contact at least every day”. So since Sunday I have tried.

During most evenings I will have the radio on the 2m calling channel, but do little else in the way of making contacts.

So back to this week. Since Sunday I have made a contact every day, and where possible on HF. This does not include regular local nets.

  • GB2TOL – Sunday was a Special Event station. Was on 2m at the Tower of London.
  • OM7CW – Monday 20m SSB to Slovak Republic
  • HB0/PA0ABM & HB0/N6OX Tuesday 2x 40m SSB to Liechtenstein
  • SZ2TSL – Wednesday 20m SSB to Greece
  • TA3D – Thursday 20m SSB to Turkey
  • LA1VNA – Friday 20SSB to Norway
  • M3WOJ – Saturday’s new contact was slightly different. Was 2m FM, but was first time I had spoken to a Scout I had helped train at local club and was proud to add him to log.

What will the next 7 days bring??? Only the DX gods know the answer to this.

One Reply to “A week on the bands”

  1. First off well done Paul, nice to finally see you working more on HF! I managed to work 17 qsos this week! mostly RTTY/PSK31.

    Remember you can always pickup a lot of qsos during contests IARU HF Champ is coming up next month.