USBCells AAWent to the Science Museum in London on Saturday (15/09/07) with nephew. As was his birthday present also said he could get some stuff from gift shop.

While looking around myself I saw various things that I “May” find useful. Then came across the USBCells.

At the time I brought them was more the ingenious idea of them. But I have found they are prefect for my Handhelds 2xAA battery holder.

The Icom IC-E90 has as an extra accessory the BP-216 Drycell Battery Case. This boosts 2x AA battries to about 5v, but means radio can only be used on the low power mode (about 0.5watts compared to full 5watts with normal BP-217 7.4v 1300mAh battery pack.

USBCell Specs are 1.2v 1300mAh and charge in 5 hours via spare USB sockets on your PC. That is quicker than 16hrs for the standard battery pack.

Well I’ll see how they last and maybe report back here.