Learning to Drive

car1A few weeks ago before payday I decided the time had come for me to start learning to drive (again).

I guess I had actually sown the seeds of this idea when I got my provisional licence renewed in September 08, but only recently did I have the final part really in place. The money.

I had brought the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) DVD/CD triple pack recently and got in contact with local driving school.

This week will be my first lesson in 8 years. A colleague and myself were being taught by a guy who left our office about 8/9 years ago, and I didn’t continue lessons at that time.

I have also booked my Theory Test for next week and have been studying whenever I can. I even brought some Mock test cartridges for my Nintendo DS. I might do a write about them soon.

Anyway, off to do tonights mock test.