It’s been a while, but I am still about.

Well I’ve not been on the radio much, so guess didn’t have a lot to report. But I’ve slowly started actually having QSOs and enjoying the time I’ve spent on the JT65-HF mode.

Due to this, I’ve now update the DXCC page & also the QSL page which was very out of date.

The JT65-HF mode has enabled me to get some more States in LoTW for the Worked all States (WAS) award if I ever decide to go for it.

JT65-HF Software hflink.com/jt65/

Also as a bonus for someone doing a great deal of operating, I am recommending a visit to Keith G6NHU’s website http://qso365.co.uk/ as throughout this year he will be making a radio contact every day.

Hopefully more regular posting will resume soonish.