Gadget17's Christmas Message

So if it’s good enough for the Queen, then should be good enough for me to do a Christmas Message.

But no, I won’t talk about the usual political drivel. No, I will use this to see how my life has been this past 12 months & what the next 12 may bring.

2007 is almost over. Whilst I am getting on OK at my new office (even 18 months it’s still not like I belong), I am hoping it’s merely a stepping stone onto better things. I even got my best performance mark I have (& could get) but still I am not sure how long I will remain.

So Home & Family. This year the last of my sisters moved out. I feel I should point out that I have lived away from home for a number of years, but lack of work drew me home nearly 10 years ago. I plan on moving to the Isle of Wight when finances allow.

Which brings of neatly to Finances. With say rises & bonuses this year I feel a bit more in control of my own money. Even put a few things back no direct-debit.

2008 should be a year of change for me. 10 years in my job, which brings more leave (30 days annual instead of 25). Hopefully can look seriously at moving to next pay level. May also look into driving lessons when debt is gone.

On the radio side hoping to go away in time for the CQ WPX to France to operate. It may even increase my DXCC tally. Well I can hope.

Finally looking at saving for a nice holiday. Started saving with some bonus vouchers from work. May suggest that people get me holiday vouchers instead of presents from now onwards.

Well that’s enough of a waffle for now. Back to watching some for films on my films page.