New Radio Ordered – Vero VGC VR-N7500

I’ve been looking for a small 2m / 70cm radio to sit next to my Yaesu FT-991A for a while, and decided as near my birthday finally a good excuse to have a look at options and buy something.

I’d come across the Vero VGC VR-N7500 a few times, and ticked some boxes for what I wanted. The main thing about this radio I liked was APRS and the Bluetooth features. The Price was also nice.

So choice made, I headed to my usual UK radio online emporiums. “Out of Stock” everywhere. So looked at a couple of EU sites and thankfully had it in stock.

Will post some pics, etc when it arrives (due Wednesday, 11/11/2020).

APRS Tracker (part 1)

Earlier in the year I attended the EMF camp ( Since attending I’ve been chatting to some of the Amateur radio operators ( ) who attended.

One of the topics of discussion was about a project for the next camp in 2016. APRS seems likely and as I’ve still not got my GF radio setup at my grandads I need something radio related.

So this week as its payday I’ve ordered some parts to get my own APRS tracker up and running.

The list includes: –

  • Foxtrack APRS Tracker $20
  • U-Blox GPS module £10
    • (sorry if link expired)
  • Baofeng UV5R TRRS Adapter
  • Baofeng UV-6 (already own but under £30)
    • (linked to Amazon as link shouldn’t change)

I’ll get some photos when parts other than the radio arrive.