Icom IC-E90 Tricks (IC-T90)

Keyboard trick:-
Press and hold the BAND key while powering up radio, gives a full-display read-out. Releasing the BAND key allows radio to continue normal power-up.

  • Keypad Backlighting Colour Trick:-
    • Push [8 SET] for 1 sec to enter Set mode
    • Rotate [DIAL] until EXP1 appears
    • Press [8 SET] to select, then Rotate [DIAL] to switch EPX1 On
    • Press [8 SET] Set
    • Rotate [DIAL] to COLOR
    • Press [8 SET] then Rotate Dial to select Green, Orange or Red
    • Press [8 SET] to Set once you have desired colour.

TV Channels Trick:-
This one isn’t listed in manual, but is you have auto scanned the TV channels and want to have all channels listed here’s how you can do it:-

Press Call/TV until you enter TV mode
Open the Squelch (Hold SQL Button below PTT and rotate Dial to Open)
Press and Hold Mode/Scan for 1 sec to begin Scan.

As the Squelch (SQL) is open unit will think all channels have activity so they are all then listed.

Let me know any others if you have them and I will list here.