iPod Nano owner

Blue iPod Nano 2nd Gen 4GbOK, I said I wouldn’t get an iPod for a long while, but have finally joined the iPod community. It’s not a new machine, but was from shop that buys & sells them second-hand.

The model I purchased was a Blue 2nd generation iPod Nano with 4Gb of storage.

I have already almost filled the unit with my stuff.

I started with Pink Floyd’s – Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd, the some other stuff including Ministry of Sound, M-People, Mike Oldfield & Jean Michel Jarre albums.

iPod Nano ScreenTo do with Amateur Radio I added a Morse Code tuition course, but realised this would be a problem when I used the random shuffle feature. A program was soon found and the files converted to AudioBook format. This took over an hour, but now happily enjoying my morse training.

Other features have also been put to use, including my contacts, and calendar events.

Where's My Phone Gone? (Part 4 (The Final))

Hooray! Finally I have my replacement Nokia 7650.

Although was not smooth sailing. When I got home, I thought the Restore of the software and the Contacts would be easy! How wrong I was.

Took me a couple of hours and all I managed to restore was the Contacts (Which is better than nothing). But I will need to install all the software from fresh!

But At Least I Have The New Phone! * * * Phew * * * (And I am planning on keeping hold of this one! LOL!)