F/M0TZO 2008 CQ WPX Contest Trip Cancelled

I have decided to re-write and re-post the post about my trip to France being cancelled as I think I can cope better with the writing now.

My uncle who got me into Amateur Radio and who I was going to visit for a week at end of March this year died 1 month before I was due to leave.

So my grandparentswent to France to sort out the usual things, and I have had to re-think my holiday time.

I have decided in a kind of memorial to still continue with the contest. But this means quickly moving my shack plans forward.

The main bits to paint are the gloss on the doors and skirting boards, and a few bits to touch up here and there.

Then antenna needs to go up. Finally flooring needs to be laid then Desk, computer and of course Radios moved in.

There is also a strong possibility that I will have access to a contest callsign, but will post full details nearer the time.

Planning for the 2008 CQ WPX Contest

Plans are underway for my operating in the 2008 CQ WPX Contest (SSB).

So near end of March I shall be flying down to Nice, France to visit my Uncle who is also a Radio Amaetur.

I will be taking part using his equipment and my callsign as F/MØTZO (first time in a foreign country as a Ham as well) as a Single Operator. This means I can operate upto 36 hours during the 48 hour contest. Wonder how much I can actually do??

This will not be a go all out to win entry, but more to operate from different location and practise my contesting skills.

My uncle has an Icom IC-737. (www.rigpix.com/icom/ic737.htm)

I will of course do some casual non-contest operating whilst there and may also build a SoftRock TxRx 20m kit.

As internet will be available I will be updating this blog, my other blog with non-amateur radio stuff, and my gallery with photos.